JCAHPO (finally) converts to new COT exam content areas.

cbrThe Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology has at long last converted to the new content areas for the ophthalmic technician certification exam.

What does this mean for all you COAs out there? Did the exam get easier or harder? In general, that is hard to sort out, because difficulty depends more upon question structure than it does on content.

More specifically, I think the exam has become easier for many folks, because all of the optics content areas are gone. Does this mean that there will be no optics questions on the exam? Mmm, no. There are many optics related questions that can be pulled from the current set of content areas and sub-areas. Lensometery, keratometry, retinoscopy, and refractometry come to mind.

However, never fear COAs. The eyetec.net ophthalmic technician certification exam prep course has been updated for the new content areas, including “Ace the Optics”.

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